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Congrulations to our latest round of fundraiser raffle winners:

September 15 - $50: Compass Realty & Insurance
September 16 - $50: Jenny Swartz
September 17 - $100: MIke & Michelle Berger
September 18 - $50: Kevin Martin
September 19 - $100: Angie Herrington
September 20 - $100: Michelle Hughes
September 21 - $150: Kiersten Smith

September 8 - $50: Jenny Ferguson
September 9 - $50: Mike Benjamin
September 10 - $50: Bruce Graham
September 11 - $150: Nathan Hestand
September 12 - $100: Melanie Smith
September 13 - $100: Larry Swindle
September 14 - $200: Bruce McCaw

September 1 - $200: Richard Schott
September 2 - $50: Judy Swindle
September 3 - $50: Cindy Boyce
September 4 - $150: Lora Rich
September 5 - $100: Tim Dybwad
September 6 - $100: Bob Vedder
September 7 - $150: Kevin Armour

Sponsorship Opportunities
for a Corporate Sponsorship Form and CLICK HERE for a Family Sponsorship forms for the upcoming season. If you are interested and have any questions at all, please contact our Director of Sponsorships - Greg Coy { ;(317) 409-0821}.

Heads Up Football (HUF)
CGBFL is once again proud to be partnering with USA Football in an effort to promote a “better, safer game” by participating in the Heads Up Football (HUF) program. CLICK HERE for a news release from USA Football describing the program and its benefits to CGBFL and our participants.

for a document providing the results of a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic. The results of their study showed that “the risk of injury in youth football does not appear greater than other recreational or competitive sports……youth football injuries are uncommon.” Please reference the attached document for the full findings of the study.

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