Thank you to all the participants who tried out for the 2017 Junior Trojan team. Congratulations to the players who made the roster this year. Please see the team below:

2017 Junior Trojans
Cole Basey
Brody Boswell
Owen Bright
Elijah Chandler
Tyler Cherry
Noah Coy
Ray Crawford
Tyler Frieden
Sam Hendrick
Kaden McConnell
Drew Mills
Ian Ray
Corbin Riddle
Tyler Schott
William Spellman
Matthew Yoder
Cade Grant
Nate Johnson
Benjamin Lowe
Oliver McGrane
Gabriel McWilliams
Cameron Peters
Mason Rees
James Soderdahl
Ben Tapak
Chase Whalen
Tyler Williams
Garrett Johnson

There is a mandatory first team meeting at 7pm on Sunday at Collins field. If a player cannot make it they must contact Scott McCoy or Joel Cox.

Have a great 2017 season 2017 Junior Trojan team!

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