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Fundraiser Winners

Monday, September 4th ( $50 ): William Benge

Tuesday, September 5th ( $100 ):  Bob Whaley

Wednesday, September 6th ( $200 ):  Sandy Crews

Thursday, September 7th ( $300 ):  Shane Wiley

Friday, September 8th ( $1,000 ):  Kelly Brock

Monday, September 11th ($50):  Greg Piersall

Tuesday, September 12th ($100): Marcia Jones

Wednesday, September 13th ($200):  Pamela Williams

Thursday, September 14th ($300):  Mary Deem

Friday, September 15th ($1000):  Jim Boswell

Monday, September 18th ($50):  Aaron Swearingan

Tuesday, September 19th ($100):  Kylie Poff

Wednesday, September 20th ($200):  Amy Kyle

Thursday, September 21st ($300):  Diane Simon

Friday, September 22nd ($1000):  Mandabach Family

Monday, September 25th ($50):  Jon and Amy Bright

Tuesday, September 26th ($100):  Brad McConnell

Wednesday, September 27th ($200):  Bradley Baron

Thursday, September 28th ($300):  Amy Morelock

Friday, September 29th ($1000):  Jeremy Hough





Thank you Ray Skillman for sponsoring the Center Grove Bantam Football League!

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